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Chapter 13 Geology Final Exam Review (97% in the course

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GEOL 1001
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Chapter 13 Geology Final Exam ReviewKey Terms and Concepts to Remember Terms to Remember Mass Movement downslope motion of earth materials by gravity Creep slow downhill movement of regolith Solifluction slow downhill movement of tundra Slumping sliding of regolith as coherent blocks Head Scarp curving step at the upslope edge Bulging Toe end of slump Landslides movement down a nonvertical slope Rock Slide a slide consisting of rock only Debris Slide a slide comprised of mostly regolith Avalanches turbulent clouds of debris and air Snow Avalanche oversteepened snow that detaches Debris Avalanche rock and dust fragments Rockfall and Debris Fall verticle freefall of rock mass Submarine Mass Movements sliding under ocean water Downslope Force gravitational pullResisting Force material properties that repel motionQuick Clay pore water slurries clay flakes when shakenSaturated Sand fluidized by incr
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