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Chapter 5 Geology Final Exam Review (got 96%)

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Chapter 5 Geology Final Exam ReviewKey Terms and Concepts to Remember Terms to Remember Lava Flow molten rock that moves over the ground Pyroclastic Debris fragments blown out of a volcano Volcanic Gases vapor and aerosols that exit a volcano Lava Tube the insulated tunnel like conduit within a flow through which lava moves Pahoehoe a hawaiian word describing basalt with a glassy ropy texture Aa a hawaiian word describing basalt that solidifies with a jagged sharp and angular texture Columnar Jointing solidified flows that contract with verticle fractures that are hexagonal in cross sectionPillow Basalt rounded blobs of basalt that cooled underwater Volcaniclastic Deposits general term for accumulation of fragmented igneous material landslide debris and mudflows Lapilli pea to plumb sized material Blocks and Bombs apple to refrigerator sized Peles Hair strands of glass created by flying lava droplets Bombs streamlined fragments of ejected lava Pyroclastic Flows an avalanche of hot ash pulled down the side of a volcano by gravity Tephra unconsolidated deposits of pyroclastic grains regardless of sizeTuff lithified ash or ash mized with lapilli Ignimbritewelded tuff sheet of tuff that is deposited while hot Blocks chunks of preexisting rock fragments by eruption Lahars wet slurrymixture of ash coarser debris and water Vesicles holes formed by bubbles that freeze into the lava Magma Chamber located in the upper crust usually an open cavity or area of highly fractured rockCrater bowl shaped depression atop a volcano Summit Eruptions located within the summer crater Flank Eruptions located along the side of a volcano Caldera big circular depression resulting from a major eruption and the subsequent collapse of the center of a volcano into the large drained magma chamber below Shield Volcanoes broad slightly dome shaped made by lateral flow of low viscosity basaltic lava have a low slope and cover a large area Cinder Cones conical piles of tephra smallest volcano build of ejected lapilli sized fragments piled up at a vent often symmetrical with a deep summit crater
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