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Chapter 17 Geology Final Exam Review (got the best grade in class)

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GEOL 1001

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Chapter 17 Geology Final Exam ReviewKey Terms and Concepts to Remember Terms to Remember Desert region is so arid that it contains no permanent streams except for those that bring water in from temperate regions elsewhere Rainshadow Deserts moist ocean winds are driven over mountains Coastal Deserts cool air over ocean water hold little moisture Interior Deserts air loses moisture as it crosses continents Polar Deserts little moisture air circulation carries dry air to polar regions Deflation lowering the land surface via erosionPlayas desert lakes that have no outlet streams Surface Load coarser sand sized particles Suspended Load finer grained silt sized dust Cuesta steep joint controlled cliffHogback steeply dipping beds create a symmetric ridge Stony Plains sloping gravelly alluvial fansPediments ramp like surfaces that slope up toward a mountain front Dunes windblown accumulations of sand Desertification aridification of nondesert areasConcepts to Remember cover over 25 of land surfaces t
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