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Chapter 10 Geology Final Exam Review (98% on the test)

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GEOL 1001
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Chapter 10 Geology Final Exam ReviewKey Terms and Concepts to Remember Terms to Remember Geologic Time the span of time since earths formation deep timePrinciple of Uniformitarianism the present is the key to the pastRelative Ages based upon order of formation whether one geologic feature is older or younger than another Numerical Ages actual number of years since an event age of a geologic feature in years Inclusions a rock fragment within another Igneous Xenoliths country rock that fell into magmaWeathering Rubble debris from preexisting rocks Fossil Range first and last appearance Fossil Succession fossil species occur in a predictable order Unconformity surfaces representing intervals of nondeposition and possible erosionAngular Unconformity cuts across the underlying layers and the layers below have a different orientation from the layers above Nonconformity metamorphic or igneous rocks overlain by sedimentary strata Disconformity paral
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