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Geology Final Part 1

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GEOL 1001
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1KARST is an answer2Desertarid vegetation covers less than 15 of earths surface3Since glaciers move due to gravity they cant move on flat groundFALSE4Continental glaciersGreenland and Antarctica5 KNOW GLACIAL DEPOSTION SLIDES6Tides are caused by gravitational pull7Tide flats when it does not have strong waves8Passive marginbroad low lying coastal plains typical9When there is an ice melts sea level rises10KNOW GROUND WATER AND WATER TABLE11During seasonally rainy periods the water table rises During prolonged droughts the water table falls12Artesian wellswater rises naturally without pumping13U shaped valleyglacierV shapedrivers14Ocean covers 70 of planet15Salinityincreases with cold water and depth of the water16Oceans flow from what process Surface winds and density17Gradientstides18Oil natural gas coalnon renewable19Which of the following is a renewable source Wind20Lots of rainbase level goes updroughtbase level goes down21Meandering streamzig zaggy like a snake22Fast flowing on inside of a meandering stream23Load transporting relates to water flow24Base levelthe lowest point to which a stream can erode Streams cant erode below sea level25Sedimentary rocks have weathered from fragments of what Clastic
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