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REVIEW FOR GEOLOGY FINALCHPT 1Key elements crust Si O Al Earth Fe Si O MgCrust 040 kmMantle 402890 kmOuter Core 28985150 kmInner core 51506370kmCHPT 2Curie temperature is 573 degrees if a rock cools below it saves magmatic field if it cools about the magnetic field is lostRelative densities Continental crust 27 gcm3Oceanic crust 28 gcm3Mantle 33 gcm3Whole Earth 55 gcm3Core 8 gcm3Convergent boundaries oceanocean Japan oceancontinent Andes in South America continentcontinent HimalayasRates of plate motion Fast 10 cmyear Slow 3cmyearPangea was 237 million years agoCHPT 3Mineralnaturally occurring solid crystalline substance general inorganic with definite chemical compositionCovalent bondsshared electrons more stable than ionic bondsCationsFe 3 Si 4 Al 3AnionsO 2 S 2 Cl Crust is mainly Oxygen Silicon Aluminium3500 known minerals on EarthMineral Groups OlivineSi O Fe MgMicasSi Al O K Fe Mg FeldsparsSi Al O Ca Ma KImportant Minerals QuartzSiO2 CalciteCaCO3 OlivineMg1Fe2SiO4Mineral Identification Hardness Cleavage Crystal HabitTypes of Metamorphism shock contact regional burial CHPT 4Volcanoes hot spot divergent plate subduction zonesIntrusiveslowly cooling magma inside Earth ex granite or gabbro also have large crystalsExtrusiverapidly cooling magma on Earth surface small crystals ex basalt or Rhyolite Andesitegranite near the surfaceColors of Igneous rocks Felsicfeldsparsmicas Intermediate Maficmagnesium and ferric Ultramafic Ex Felsicgranite rhyoliteIntermediatediorie andesiteMaficperidotite What controls the melting temperatures of minerals External pressure water content internal composition Dykesverticle magmatic pipes Sillshorizontal magmatic pipes in between layers of rockPlutonsdeep bodies of solidified magma CHPT 5Sedimentary rocks cover most of the land surfaceseafloorErosion includes both transportation and weathering Are usually layeredSedimentary environmentgeographic location that has a peculiar combination of geological processes
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