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Real Final Exam Questions (Got A+ on the test)

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Final Exam QuestionsCh 117 Test has 80 multiple choice1 Topography dominated by depressions formed by the collapse of caves is termed avalley and ridgebkarstchorst and grabenANSB2 To qualify as a desert a region must be ahot with a mean annual temperature greater than 25C 77Fbarid with less than 15 of the ground surface vegetatedcboth hot and ariddeither hot or aridANSB3 Because glacial advance is driven by gravity it is impossible for glaciers to advance over perfectly flat terrainatruebfalseANSB4 Today continental glaciers are limited to Antarctica and aAlaskabGreenlandcCanadadSiberiaANSB6 Which type of continental coastline features a much broader continental shelfapassive continental marginsbactive continental marginsANSA7 A coastline is more likely to consist of a tidal flat than a beach if athe shore is protected from strong wavesbthe shore is exposed to strong wavescthe shore is in a warm climatedthe shoreline runs eastwest rather than northsouthANSAThe elevation of the water table ais a constant for a given area so long as the topography remains the samebmay rise during times of drought and sink during rainy periodscmay rise during rainy periods and sink during droughtsANSCAn artesian well is one that ainduces an upward flow of groundwater without any pumpingbhas its intake sited within the saturated zone of an unconfined aquiferchas its intake sited within the unsaturated zone of an unconfined aquiferdhas its recharge area at an elevation below sea levelANSAValleys carved by glaciers tend to be shaped like the letterwhereas valleys carved by water tend to shaped like the letter aV UbV CcU VdV IANSCApproximately what percentage of Earths surface is covered with watera30b50c70d85ANSCThe density of seawater increases with aincreasing temperature and increasing salinitybdecreasing temperature and increasing salinitycincreasing temperature and decreasing salinityddecreasing temperature and decreasing salinityANSBGlobal circulation of ocean water is influenced by sinking of cold and saline waterWhich of the following is a renewable resourceacoalboilcwinddnatural gasANSC
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