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GEOL 1001 Test 1August 28 2013Learning objectives Part 1What is the big bang theoryElements come from the starsBasics of the planets in our solar systemNotesUniverse contains all matter and energyoMattertakes up space things you can feelMass amount of matterWeight wmgforce due to gravitymassdDensity amount of mass in a given spacevolumeoEnergy ability to do workProvided by heat light magnetism gravityWork vibrate move from place to place breakBig Bang Theory objective 1oAll energymatter is packed in 1 pointoExplosionformed the universeo137 bya GaGigaanna myamamegaannaoWithin few seconds all the hydrogen atoms formedoWithin 3 min T temperature was1 billion degreesoDiameter 53 million kmsHydrogen fused to make heliumoWithin 5 mins all atomic nuclei formedoAccumulation into patchy clouds nebulae74 hydrogen26 heliumStellar Nucleosynthesis objective 2o92 naturally occurring elementsoStars are nuclear fusion reactorsFuses the lighter elements eg H He26elements get heavier until reach Fe heaviest mineral start makes as nuclear fusion reactoroto get heavier than Fe supernovastar violently explodesmakes heavy elementsall stars matter goes back into spaceSolar system objective 3o Anything that did not become a staroBecome planetesimalsDiameter1kmNow can exert a gravitational forceSuck in debrisoGrows to a protoplanetoBecomes a planetOur solar systemoFormed 4 57 Ga age of earthoSun contains 998 of mass Planet orbit around the sunHeliocentric
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