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Chapter 7 8 And 10 Test 1

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Louisiana State University
GEOL 1003

Chapter 7 Reading assignment 218238Universal common descent is the hypothesis that all living terrestrial organisms are genealogically related All existing speciesHomologyVestigial organsHow does the evolution occuroDNA MutationNatural SelectionoSelect what Individual DNA groupComment on the survival of the fittestAnd population dynamicsSpecies interbreed among themselvesGene PoolSpeciationoRate of specie variationoHexacoralsA typical pattern early evolution of the order produced largescale evolutionary divergence at a very early stageExtinctionPseudoExtinctionoOver time things evolve as a wholeWhat is the rate of speciation or extinction in Earth history Is it uniformIs it tree of life or bush of lifeTree of life how earth has evolved over a very long timeBush looks more like a bushEvolutional radiation New ode of life Extinction of a dominant groupAdaptive breakthroughsWhat can cause a sudden increase in new species of animalsHexacoral rapid growth of porous skeleton and symbiotic relationship with algae Makes them extremely powerful in taking over the underwaterRodents two gnawing front teeth that kept growing This caused them to start biting on things made them hard working Eventually they began cutting down trees building damnsFishes toes evolved from paddlelike finsdual purpose limps swimming and walking This was so they could escape predators the weak one would get caught by predators Beginning of land evasion All land animals ancestors came from marine environmentsQuestion Why do evolutionary radiations often occur in the first few million years of a groups origin1Old and new groups occupy different niches2Predators take time to develop the one that will eventually take over the weaker organism
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