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GEOL 1003
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All power points shown in class can be found athttpgeollsueduhbaoGeol1003syl08htmlSHORT REVIEW IsostacyPrinciple dealing with the crust floating on the lithosphere like wood on top of waterYou can push it down but when the force is lifted it comes back up3 key senses as a geologistSpaceTime Geologic Time not just the presentRateUnitsSpace meter kilometer millimeterTimeseconds years Ma million Years Ga Billion YearsRatemmyear mMaJanuary 16 QuestionMt Everest is 8800 m high1Assuming it took 44 million years to grow and erosion is 2 mmyear what is the average uplift22 mmyear2Assuming the same erosion but no more uplift how long would it take for the mountain to erode44 million yearsA Case Study The Big Chill 3 million years agoSudden decrease in Earths surface temperatureNorthern Hemisphere started an ice ageThe Isthmus of Panama was closed up between North and South America therefore and animals could travel between the two continents and diversify the twoBut sea creatures could no longer swim through so we saw different fish on each side1Human migration was caused by this ice age as wellWhat is the reason for such a changeOr is there oneIt was all caused by the same thingPLATE TECTONICSThe Caribbean plate was moving toward the Isthmus of Panama Linking North and South AmericaThis also changed OCEAN CURRENTS because hot water could no longer be exchanged between the oceansAll the salty water from the gulf was too heavy to be pushed all the way up toward the North Pole it simply stopped and sank before it got thereNo new hot ocean water meant a colder climate for the North thus leading to freezingSurface temperature of the earth has been dropping constantly in the last 50 MY It could be due to a lack of CO2 in the atmosphereCaused by rocks in mountainsJanuary 18 Overview of the Earths SystemStructureSpheres SubsystemsLithospherecrust mantle core GeosphereHydrospherewater cycleBiosphereall life presentAtmospherethe air we breatheAll of these interact with each other and can affect each other in either good or bad waysSlide shown with a graph of how each system affects another oneLook on web site for the graphUniformitarianismstates that things that happened now happened in the past as wellHowever everything was different back then so the systems had to act in different waysConcepts to Review from 1001Rocks minerals outcrops magmaMafic vs Felsic Felsic more silica content and higher viscosityIntrusive vs ExtrusiveSediment lithification limestone coal shale strata bedding2Folds and faults midocean ridgesIgneous Sedimentary MetamorphicIgneous rocks make up most of the Earth sedimentary rocks make up most of the surfaceRock CycleBasically any rock can be turned into any other kind of rockIgneousSedimentarySedimentary MetamorphicMetamorphic IgneousPlate tectonics and the rock cycleThe production and destruction of rocks is ultimately related to plate tectonicsOld rocks get subducted new ones are formedHydrologic CycleThis cycle helps to move water around supplies us with fresh water and even aids in the processes of erosionJanuary 23 Positive Feedbackan action which causes a runaway in the systemNegative Feedback an action which stabilizes a systemIf there is more CO2 in the air more snow melts less survives during the summer and the earth gets hotterThis process continues to repeat and get hotterThis is an example of POSITIVE feedback runaway mass change in the systemStock Market goes down interest rates are lowered to stabilize the systemThis is an example of NEGATIVE feedback stabilization of a systemFeedback in the Earths systemNegative FeedbackCO2 and climate stabilizing the EarthPositive FeedbackArrival of the Ice AgeWeatheringThe equation of weatheringCaSiO32CO2Ca2 2HCO3SiO23
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