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GEOL 1066
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Geology 1066Dinosaurs Catastrophes and Extinctions What are dinosaursAre there flying dinosaurs Marine DinosaursNot all ancient animals Not plesiosaursTwo orders of Mesozoic reptilesThe upright non sprawling reptiles1842 Richard Owen coined the term dinosaurLife span160 million year spanFrom 22865 million yearsOur species has had around 5 million yearsEarth is 305 billion years oldWhy study dinosaursAccessible scienceFascination of kidsaliens we can meetAs the cause of a major extinction humans can benefit from looking at extinction causes results and recoveries Where did dinosaurs liveAll continentsPreeminence of Asia and Western North AmericaAn estimated 825 of all genera of dinosaurs that lived have been found as fossilsFossils and CollectingFossil remnant or trace of past life naturally preserved in the earths crustFossilization of the actual animalPreserves soft partsoFreezingoPicklingoMummificationo DistillationPreserves hard partsoOriginal apatite is the mineral in boneoPermineralizationoRecrystallization and replacementoCasts and moldsFossilization of tracesIchnofossils trace fossilsGastroliths gizzard stonesCoprolites fossil dungEggs and nestsTracksGnaw markField collectingSurface search quarryingJacketingScreeningTaphonomy
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