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CLASSFossilization of the actual animaloPreserves soft partsFreezingPicklingMummificationDistillationoPreserves hard partsOriginalapatite is the mineral in bonePermineralizationRecrystallization and replacementCasts and moldsFossilization of tracesoIchnofossilstrace fossilsoGastrolithsgizzard stonesoCoprolitesfossil dungoEggs and nestsoTracksoGraw marksTaphonomyoScience of the laws of burial what happens from death to discoveryBiases of the fossil recordothe fossil record is poor but deservingoBiased towards hard parts animals with hard partsBiases of the fossil recordoPreburialdisarticulation scavenging weathering dissolutionoTransportsortingoBurialupland animals rareoPost burialdissolution erosion nonexposure noncollecting and preparation damageEvolutionoThree remarkable forerunners to DarwinErasmus Darwin Grandfather of CharlesBelieved that new characteristics could arise to better adapt animals to their habitats but had no goodCuvier 17691832Founder of comparative anatomyRecognized that some species ie elephants in the Paris Basin were extinctRecognized several distinct body plans Vertebrata Mollusca instead of a great ladder of beingBelieved in catastrophismdid not state that new creations followed each catastrophemigration may have repopulatedBelieved species to be immutable defined them asoa species comprises all individuals which descend from each otheroie common descentLamarck 17441829Worked on Paris Basin invertebratesInheritance of acquired characteristics was a widespread idea in Lamarcks time
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