HIST 1001 : History Final

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15 Mar 2019

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Introduction: 500-1350 ad, also called the middle ages, focus on europe, europe as we know it begins to take shape, strange ideas. Ideas and institutions: ideas of western civilization come from the classical period (greeks and. In the 700s, western civ starts to rise back up again. Background: a frankish king became christian and got help from the church to establish the. In 714, charles martel became mayor of the palace and became in charge of the army: he was a great military commander, battle of tours (732) best victory, against the arabs, this battle stopped the. Legacy: at least he tried to stop the decline of civilization, his son, louis the pious, ruled from 814 (when he died) to 840. Created a foundation for the social status of the medieval ages. Provided order in time of chaos after fall of roman empire: government in rome was in the cities, feudalism was created in a rural environment.

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