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Roman Empire

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HIST 1001
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Roman EmpireIntroductionDifferent constitutional structure The whole republican structure remained but eventually all power went to the emperor Historians dont know date of empire but we will date it 27 BC Ended in West in 476 AD Ended in East in 1453 ADAugustus CaesarHe was the Grand nephew of Julius Caesar When Julius was murdered Augustus was 18 Julius was murdered by the senate with Brutus at the head of the attackThe most important person who emerged after Caesar was Marc Antony who was his right hand man He insisted after Caesar died that his will be read in public He didnt know what was in the will but thought that there were two important provisions 1 that he would be his successor and 2 that his considerable wealth would be distributed to his soldiers which Antony would be in charge of distributing This wasnt so What was in the will instead was Caesar designating Augustus as his adopted son and heir to 75 of Caesars will Antony was furious He filed a l
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