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STUDY GUIDE1When Charlemagne was crowned in 800 CE he was proclaimed as Roman Emperor What was the thinking behind this Was Charlemagnes empire a revival or was it something new What had changed since the fall of the Roman Empire in the West and what impact did Charlemagnes rule have on the course of European history in the Middle AgesNew Christianity seat of power is no longer in RomeCharlemagne to his ChurchALegitimize his claimaPapal Sanction bWas King of the Franks and crowned emperor of the West in 800 on Christmas day by pope Leo IIIcCharlemagne becoming Emperor marked the highest expression of restored order in a world wo lasting stability BBoth revival and newCPeople felt time had come for restoration of the Roman Empire but didnt really believe Charlemagne was in power at first Romulus Augustus had been the last Emperor of the West before CharlemagneaReligious aspect of Christianity newbTerritorial conquest iThrough battlesiiConquered people and then converted them to Christianity iiiArmies fought in the summer and returned home in the fall ivConquered Aquitaine Italy Brittany Hungary and Saxony only two battles with themcWidespread conversion even the Saxons dNew languageeUniformityeducation systemiCourt culture1Charlemagne created an intimate international circle of the kings court with English Italian Irish and Spanish scholars 2Almost all of these men were churchmen they served not just for the amusement of eking bur were his counselors and took on important church postings and state offices such that of traveling judges or missi dominiciiiHigh standards of clerical practice and thriving written culture of monks and clerics who wrote hundreds of books that laid down essential dogma and raised profound poetic theological and philosophical ideas1Charlemagne was convinced that many monks and churchmen were poorly educated in Francia 2He realized that this could result in error of religious expression and dangerous misunderstandings so he ordered his abbots and bishops to provide education to repair this3Education of boys in the basics of Latin far from universal left out poor and women though main goal was to educate boys for the church and state
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