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Persecutions at Lyons and Vienne no author listedp 166 All about persecutions of Christians It is a selection about martyrs Martyr is the Greek word meaning witness Whats going on at this time Christianity is spreading throughout the Roman Empire As Christianity is becoming popular it is increasingly being more persecuted Possible selection For Caesar had written that these Christians should be put to death but if any should deny they should be dismissed The bodies of the martyrs after having been exposed and exhibited in every manner for six days were afterwards burned and reduced to ashes by the lawless men and thrown in the river Rhone which flows close by so that no remnants of them might still be seen on EarthSexuality and Family Life by Athenagoars p 177 Deals with attitudes toward sexuality that are very much out of line with traditional Roman thinking on sexuality Christians Paul taught expected each other to uphold high standards of personal chastity avoiding all occasions of sexual impurity by thought or deed Whats going on at this time Paul is going throughout the Mediterranean world spreading Jesus teachings in Greek Again Christianity is spreading but also being persecuted Possible selection But we are so far from practicing promiscuous intercourse that is not lawful among us to indulge even a lustful look Basically anything about sex adultery etc is this sourcebookThe Battle of Adrianople by Ammianus Marcellinus p 152 The
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