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History Final ExamNeoPlatonist philosophy that taught that each soul makes a journey to be united with the One the True and the Good St Anselmscholastic theologian uses Aristotles logic to prove that God must exist created proofs based on Aristotles logic Peter Abelardscholastic theologian uses Aristotles logic to challenge traditional Christianity Sic et Nonwritten by Peter Abelard yes and no St Thomas Aquinas12251274 Dominican monk shows how faith and reason fit together Summa Theologica reason and faith are closely related Summa Theologicawritten by Thomas Aquinas summery of theology sets up conflicts intentionally so people can debate them but he comes up with his own conclusions in the endNominalistspeople who believed in Aristotles theory of Universals Thomist theologyintellectual prayer Chivalrymilitary conductexcellence allegedly began with Richard the Lionheart Balladssongs Song of Roland Beowulf King Arthur 4th Lateran Councilmandated clerical celibacy confirmed transubstantiation set number of sacraments at 7 outlawed practice of ordeal decided the Jews and Moslems needed some sort of identifying badge when in public Friarsmember of mendicant religion Mendicant ordersmonastic orders that were supposed to get by on begging noncloistered orders does not last Dominicansfounded by St Dominic focused on education as the best way to spread the gospel became involved in rooting out and destroying heresy in the Middle Ages St Dominicfounded the DominicansFranciscansfounded by St Franais wanted to help people meet their daily needs with a smile and good cheer popular in the villages they worked in focused on the poor the weak and the animals St Francis of Assisifounded Franciscans Unam SanctumBoniface declares the pope is the extreme power over everyone else even the kings Boniface VIII12941303 declares the pope the most powerful captured by Phillip Phillip the FairFrance 12851314 violent captured Boniface and brings him back to France Clement Velected by Phillip a Frenchman who was elected pope by the college of cardinals and was completely under the sway of the king of France moved the church from Rome to Avignon 1PageBabylonian Captivityperiod in which the Papacy was centered in Avignon not Rome 13091378 The seven Popes resided here and were heavily influenced by the French crownUrban VFrench pope who tried to reestablish the papacy in Rome but in 1367 returned to Avignon hoping to end the war Urban VIItalian candidate his election began the Great Schism The Great Schismthe separation of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church The Black Plaguea terrible plague that swept through Europe from fleas on rats killing 13 of the populationPneumonicalways fatalBuboniccould survive Flagellentsgroups of people who inflicted physical harm on themselves as penance for societys sings believing that the plague was Gods punishment Buboesinflamed tender swelling of lymph nodes Battle of Sluysnaval victory for the English Battle of Crecyimportant battle in the 100 years war England beats out France because of tactics not number lots of new technology Edward Black Princeeldest son of Edward III Battle of Poiters Castille Strong Warrior Henry IVholy roman emperor who questioned Papal authority and policies Henry Vsigns treat with the French king after Battle of AgincourtBattle of AgincourtEnglish victory gained control of Northern France Duke of Burgundy changes sides and goes to English Ad FontesMiddle AgesPetrarchfather of renaissance humanism 13041374Humanismterm devised by Florentine Leonardo Bruni emphasized humanstheir achievements interestscapabilities humanists studied Latin classicsBoccaccio13131375 wrote the biography of Dante and the Decameron The Decameron 1353 Boccaccios most famous work 10 young people go into country to escape plague tell variety of stories Machiavelli 14691527 wrote the Prince 2Page
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