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Final Exam- People Terms And Dates

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PeopleMarcus AureliusRepelled attacks of Quadi and Marcomanni during the Barbarian attackValerianSoldier emperor defeated and captured by Shapur II showed the weak gov of the timeShapur IIRuler of Persia defeated and captured ValerianSeptimius SeverusFirst of the Barracks EmperorsDiocletianCreated the Tetrarchy to stabilize Rome worked until his retirementput fixed prices on goods to try to stop inflation St PaulOrigionally named Saul preached Christianity to nonJews which confused peopleConstantineSon of a tetrarch a traditionally ambitious Roman took over and sole emperorTheodosiusShut down all pagan religions wanted unity throughout the empireJulianLast nonChristian emperor tried to undo Constantines work because he saw the churchs power risingJustinianFirst of Byzantine Emperors but also last of Roman Emperors heavily Christian had a highly complex state and code of law in Latin said emperor is a link between empire and heavenMuhammadBorn in Mecca religious leader and starter of IslamCharles The Hammer MartelCommander under Merovingian Dynasty stop Muslim attack in the west had succession problemsRomulus AugustulusLast emperor before the fall of RomeClovisUnites the Franks and founds Merovingian DynastyPepin the ShortGot the pope to elect him king in return for help created the Papal States and precedent for Popes to make kingsPope StephenGranted authority of Pepin to become king of the Franks
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