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HIST 1001

Transformation of the Mediterranean World Greeks Germans and MuslimsGermanic Migrations and the Fall of RomeI Germanic MigrationsII Formation of ChristendomIII The Byzantine EmpireIV The Islamic WorldA Geography and preIslamic CultureB Muhammad and the birth of IslamC The Caliphs and the spread of IslamVisigothsA Germanic tribe displaced by the Huns who originally move to Constantinoble but leave after defeating the emperor Valins to make it to North AfricaAfter a generation they are converted to Christianity know little of their farming roots and sack RomeEventually aquire the region of Aquitaine in FranceHunsNomadic people from Asia who begin attacking Germanic villages forcing them to leave410Rome is sacked by the Visigoths marking the first time in almost 800 years Rome is sackedAttila 434453 A Hun who attacked Roman landsBattled with the Ostragoths against the Romans and Visigoths in 410 at the battle of ChalonsRomulus Augustulus 475476Last Roman emperor of the west who was deposed by OstrogothsGermanic tribeJustinian 527565Roman emperor who captures all of Europe massacres 30000 people at a chariot race for revenge against rioting and dies followed by the empire falling apart againHagia SophiaChurch in Constantinople which was burnt down after riots rebuilt by JustinianNika revoltRiots after chariot race under JustinianPersiansLaunches invasions against Byzantine empire after Justinians death and capture Damascus and JerusalemHeraclius 610641New Roman emperor who attacks Persia and returns cross to Jerusalem after the two superpowers are weakenedBedouinNomadic people like the ArabsMeccaTrade city where tribes would set up statues of their godsMedinaMuhammads move here marks the beginning of the Islamic calenderKaba A building in Mecca which all Muslims face for prayerMuhammad 570632Tribal man who started having religious visions where he hears the voice of Allah through the angel Gabriel in ArabicMuhammad tells the work of god to a scribe who writes the QuranAllahIslamic god who is the same god as Jews and ChristiansQuranIslamic holy bookIslamMonotheistic with no intermediariesMuslimsFollowers of Muhammad
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