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HIST1001 Exam 3 (Got A+ on the test)

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Final Hist 1001 NotesThe Medieval World to 1200 Part IGerman Areas after CharlemagneStem Dukes were the most powerful in each areaKing was a figure head because elected by the dukesChanges with OttoOtto 936973first powerful king after Charlemagne recreates Holy Roman Empirelaid out plan to consolidate powergains approval of the Church which means he gains an entire legion of educated people to enforce his rulePope John XII 955964requested military aid from Otto in exchange for the title of Holy Roman EmperorOtto makes Rome a vassal state for the Holy Roman Empirelaid investiture when a noncleric appoints a cleric Otto gained power to appoint the PopeFrederick Barbarossa 11221190had a long red beard always got what he wantedvery interested in crusading and in Northern ItalyPope Alexander III 11591181under the impression that Barbarossa lost northern Italy makes him come before the king of Italy to kneel down and kiss his ring to humiliate him didnt do much goodLombard Leaguefounded in Northern Italy in 1167allowed the great trade cities of Italy to free themselves from Barbarossas rulePope used his greatest weapon threat of excommunication getting kicked out the churchif a king is excommunicated the entire society underneath him unraveled1215 HRE in conflict with the papacyBarbarossas line dies out the dukes have to name someone else dukes choice conflicted with popes choice14year civil war good distractionthe most powerful pope ever okaygood at orchestrating conflictBasis of Churchs PowerDonation of ConstantineApostolic Successionyour church goes back to one the original apostles to choose successorPetrine TheoryPeter was the first bishop of Rome therefore whoever can claim to succeed him is the most powerful person in the ChurchGreat SchismDisputed topicssource of the holy spirit
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