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History Exam 1 Terms (got the best grade in class)

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Louisiana State University
HIST 1003

History 1003 Exam 1 Terms1Holy Roman Empire1Founded in 80027 Great Electors choose emperor1Great Elector is a hereditary position Dukes all related to King of Spain3Encompassed all of Central Europe4As the HRE declines England and France attempt to gain power2Great Chain of Being1Hierarchies are set2Social mobility nonexistent3Merchants not included ignored politically and socially4Change was avoided frowned upon ignored in some cases5Believed to be a set number of resources use of said resources was appointed3St Brendan c 2501Irish monk sailed as missionary to Iceland2Allegedly held Catholic mass on the back of a whale4Prester John1Myth started in Ethiopia2Fictional white man said to rule majority of Africa5Treaty of Tordesillas 14941Treaty settled by Pope for Spain and Portugal he drew a line on a map Portugal got Africa and Brazil Spain got all new lands2Portugal argues that they were first to explore thus all unexplored lands are theirs3Spain faired much better Incan and Aztec resources made them 6Ferdinand Magellan 1480152111519 first man to circumnavigate the globe2Showed that the Pacific ocean is larger than the Atlantic the earth is ROUND31522 portion of crew returns home without Magellan due to cannibal attack4Spain armed with new navigational info and popes permission beings to explore the American region view it as a well to draw from roughly 20 million inhabitants7Hernando Cortez 148515471Landed in Mexico in 1523 with 600 men 2Responsible for Aztecs being destroyed3They had the advantage of gun powder and guns horses and immunity to European diseases 8Francisco Pizzarro 1Sponsored by Spain he was not Spainsh2Encountered Altahualpa Incan leader and they lead him to San Luis Potosi3They find a seemingly endless silver supply in San Luis Potosi mine worked by Indian slaves4Created first empire since Rome5Spain subsequently becomes the worlds richest country 9Aztecs Montezuma1Montezuma 148015202Wiped out by European disease small pox chicken pox3Blood sacrificing community in Central America4Fond of feathered serpents5Many enemies within 15 years they were wiped out6Pointed Spaniards to neighbors gold10Incans Altahualpa1Altahualpa was the last Incan emperor2Extremely civilized and advanced community3Incans die from European disease as well4Spain took over and formed colonial government for Aztecs and Incans5First European based empire since the Fall of Rome6Population dwindled from 20 to 2 million 11Pontifex Maximus1The catholic church is proceeded over by the high priest pontifex maximus2Catholic church has rigid hierarchy power to collect taxes go to war3Pope has special connection with God and belief that he had ultimate authority over other secular members causes problems with kings of Europe4Supreme authority in matters of faith5Power to excommunicate belief was that once excommunicated you go to hell12Papal States1States ruled by the pope controlled the wealthiest and largest part of Italy2Italy was rich in trade goods made more money from taxing goods3papal power and funds to buy offices4Church was the largest landowner in the west13Veneration of Saints1Money making relics leaving offerings to saints grants you debt relief for sins committed less time in purgatory2NOT a prayer but believed to be at the time14Pluralism1Holding two or more church offices2In smaller places it makes sense higher up in church it is a NO NO
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