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Franz Joseph Quiz (97% in the course

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For the quiz and the second midterm you should be able to answer the following questionsDo not worry about the detail Palmer includes but focus instead on the kind of Emperor Franz Joseph was and what the challenges were he had to face during his 67year ruleHere are some big picture questions to help guide your reading1What kind of a man was Franz JosephWhat were the skills he possessed or learned that helped him rule his Empire for 67 yearsWhat were his limitationsFranz was brought up by his mother to be a future Emperor with emphasis on devotion responsibility and diligenceHe came to idolize his grandfather who had died before his fifth birthday as the ideal monarchAt the age of 13 he became a colonel in the Austrian army and used the skills he learned there to help rule his empire2Describe Franz Josephs family life including the personality of his wife Elizabeth Sisi what tragedies did he have to endure Their married life was not happy Sisi never really adapted herself to the court and always had disagreements with the Imperial Family their first daughter Sophie died as an infant and their only sonCrown Prince Rudolf died allegedly by suicide in 1889 in what looked like a love pact The Empress was an inveterate traveller horsewoman and fashion maven who was rarely seen in Vienna She was stabbed to death by an Italian anarchist in 1898 Franz Joseph never fully recovered from the lossHis brother was also shot in a revolt in Mexico3What happened
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