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August 31 The Ottoman Empire

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HIST 1007

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August 31The Ottoman Empire1Ottoman Ascendency 130015002Reasons for Their Success3Suleiman the Magnificent 152015664The question of Ottoman decline 15661700Islamic empires were still expandingTurks were being pushed south into Central Asia by the Mongols and started forming warrior bandsThey were involved in founding three Islamic empires at the timeSafavid Empire Founded by Turkish soldiersIt became a Shiite state around 1500This laterbecomes IranMughal Empire Second empire founded by Turks in modernday IndiaOttoman Empire Third empire founded by the Turks lasted over 600 years1Ottoman Ascendancy 13001500aLasted over 600 yearsbSultansupreme rulecRulers justified wars with jihaddKosovo battle occurred in 1389 Turks defeated Serbia a Christian kingdome1989 new Serbia emerges out of the collapse of communism and they take Kosovo backfUS invaded Serbia in the 1990s to help settle things US troops remain in Kosovo todaygIn the Balkan Muslims were originally tolerant of Jews and ChristiansiThe Ottomans were more tolerant of Jews and Christians than of Shiites they were SunnihConstantinopleancient Christian city in 1453 the Ottomans took it over and renamed it Istanbul at the time the largest city in Europe
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