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HIST Notes Through Exam 2 (got 94% in the course)

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HIST 1007
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Changing British PolicyRound oneProclamation Act of 1763Sugar At 1764Currency Act 1764Stamp Act 1765Round TwoTea Act 1773Coercive Acts 1774 Intorelable Acts7 Years War French and Indian WarStamp Act was what really started pissing people off the Acts garner more attentionTea Act was what collectively pissed everyone offWas a tax made by East India Company and sold exclusively by them only Tea was cheaperpeople still mad believed they were consenting to ParliamentFelt unrepresentedHowever only 6 landowners and rich people Britain could voteBoston fights against tea taxPatriots dress as Indians and destroy the teaBoston Tea PartyPissed off in East India CompanyIntolerable Acts happen only to Boston because of BTPQuartering Act British soldiers housed in colonial homesmade people nervous of spyingColonists start organizingst1 Continental CongressConservative Plan Grand CouncilRadical Plan Paul Reveres Suffolk ResolvesDeclaration of American RightsDominion Theory of British Empire Colonies subject only king not to parliamenteach colony was a separate realmmet in PhiladelphiaAmericans Didnt Want independencewanted to be recognized by king and ParliamentConservative propose a Grand CouncilParliament and Grand Council would solve Colonial problemsfailed by 1 votePaul Revere declares Intolerable Acts as null and voidpeople like this idea betterno one wants to pay taxesst1 CC try to stop from buying imported British goodscolonists begin making bigger militiasThe king and Parliament dont want to listen to any colonist speakersLexington and Concord April 1775Thomas Gaige sent ingiven orders to suppress the rebellionseizes the leaders and stockpileBritish soldiers march at nightPaul Revere and his buddy make their famous rideMinute Men prepare against the 700 soldiers 70 versus 700dumb British captain tells minutemen to leave insulted them tauntsSomeone fires from minutemenOnly 9 people killedShot heard around the world250 were killed on their way back to the baseAll of this pisses the kingnd2 Continental Congress2 petitions offeredOlive Branch PetitionAppeal to king offer loyalty and stop battlesDeclaration of Causes and Necessities of Taking Up ArmsBlamed British for Lexington fight for colonist rightsWashington Established as Commander and ChiefBunker Hill battlebig blow to BritishCC insist on every able body enlistingdivided the populationLoyalists vs ColonistsKing ignores Olive Branch PetitionJoin or Die by Benjamin FranklinPropaganda used to inspire colonistsThomas Painewrites Common Sensecauses switch in peoples thinking king was part of the problemall monarchies are corruptNow can look toward independenceserved as a justification for the warDeclaration of Independence 1776Official act treason against kingOnly 13 supported the Revolution That number gradually increased Around half of Parliament also didnt want to keep the coloniesBritain owned and gained lots of money from IndiaColonies rarely used slaves to fightBritish has best Navy in the World13 of America was in the Loyalist area
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