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History 1007 (got 93% on the test)

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HIST 1007
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91813Triangular TradeEuropean Goods firearms to west coast of Africa African slaves purchased and sent to the AmericasCash crops purchased and sent to EuropeMiddle PassageRoute from AfricaAmericas46 weeks for the crossingthth15 and 18 centuries about 12 million slaves moved from Africa to the Americasmost of the Spanish or Portuguese territories Impacts of the slave tradeProfits for African nationsDistorted sex ratiosIncreased violence in preexisting conflictsResistance to Slavery St Domingue Rebellion 17911804Toussaint LOuvertureCreation of a New CultureBlend of multiple African cultural traditionsAdoption of European languagesChristilization Musical stylesThe Old Plantation c 1790Abolition Olaudah EquianoAbolition William WilberforceEnding SlaveryEnding the Tradeo1803 Denmarko1807 Great Britaino1808 United Stateso1814 Franceo817 The Netherelandso1845 SpainAbolitiono1833 British Empireo1848 France and French colonieso1865 United States920Islamic EmpiresoSafavid Empire15011736Begins with a military leader Shah IsmailTwelve Shia Islamo85 of Shia are twelvers todayoAwait the MahdiBattle of Chaldiran 1514Shah Abbas the Great 15881629Shah at 16Military expansionsTrade routesspices and coffeeReforms the government and militaryoMughal Empire
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