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History Notes for Final 11/17/2013

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Louisiana State University
HIST 2023

1117the world since 1960Type textEuropean Union 8000 page legal code about crime legal code lawnmower safety the appropriate labels for peanut buttertaken to absurd lengthsThe other great club to belong to is NATO longest lasting peacetime alliance in all of human history signed in April 1949 Originally had 12 founding members Belgium Canada Denmark France Iceland Italy Luxembourg Netherlands Norway Portugal UK US1952 Greece and turkey join 1955 West Germanyoriginal 151982 Spain joined long period till anything else happened1999 Czech republic Hungary Poland Bulgaria 2004 Estonia Latvia Lithuania Romania Slovakia Slovenia2009 Albania CroatiaNow total 28 one more member than of EUProbably no more countries will join countries that are interested but probably wont be permitted GeorgiaUkraine Russia would be pissed Russia calls these former Soviet states the nearabroadWhy do organizations like EU and NATO still exist when the Cold War is over I have no idea does help European unity thoughPetra Kelly almost drop dead beauty father from Germany mother from US Like a lot of baby boomers she was attracted to politics the liberal end of politics if not the radical endWorked on campaign for Robert Kennedy in CA When she went home to Germany she got involved in politics there she was left but above all an environmentalist Member
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