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HIST2023 Midterm Notes

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HIST 2023
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HIST2023MartinWolfeOct 1995Canadians Vs USApissing contest bw USA ship and Canadian light houseThose who know best what the cost of war is those who have lead into war and watched men dieCold warDominated world politics until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1989Nazi Germany Vs USA USSR UK Free FrenchGermany would definitely lose bc they couldnt out produce the previously listed alliesAllies from the west USSR from the east met at the Elbe RiverCzechoslovakia Hungary Romania Bulgaria were with USSR dividing the continent into two halves West had gone to war with Nazi Germany to fight a totalitarian regime over Eastern Europe but then Stalin took power over Eastern Europe The US and Western Europe were tired after WW I and II so they didnt want to fight USSR againVictorious powers from WWII agreed on the reparations for Germany zones were created for occupation1 EasternUSSR2 NorthernBritish3 SouthernUSA4 WesternFrance Churchill coined term Cold War Ending Christmas Day 1991 US took lead in opposing SU In aftermath of WWII President HS Truman announced Truman Doctrine in which US pledged to support countires facing subversion within by comm Movements Greece and Turkey at forefront for this Since there were no Soviet troops in Turkey and Greece19461948Soviet Satellites Soviet took tight control over the countries it had acquired Poland Czech Hung Romania BulgariaStalin wanted the west out of Berlin it was in the Soviet zone not war but pressure JulyMay1949 repairing the roads and the railways from west Germany to Berlin and could not be usedBerlin BlockadeBerlin Airlift organized by the USA brought in all supplies landing planes ever 60 seconds for 9 monthsthe Soviets were indeed dangerous and the west needed to prepare for a fightNATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization US Canada Iceland GB France Italy Denmark Norway Portugal Belgium Netherlands and Luxemburg original 12politically an attack upon one is an attack upon allmilitary command structure in war all 12 would commit their troops under the command of an American Leader ALWAYSEveryone will fight together under the American lead1947Truman declared the Truman doctrine above all at Greece and Turkey bc they were having communist resurrections were to have aid from the US they were savedMassive aid to Western European countries bc they never fall to communism and can be allies Marshall Plan invest in Europe and help recovery George Catlet Marshall After the war became Secretary of State Marshall believed that communism could succeed only if people were miserable and unhappy Idea for US to provide gifts and loans to rebuild Western Europe from shambles of the war so that these countries could better resist communism and be on our side This aid cost pennies compared to the money a new war would cost and won undying gratitude of western Europeans1949 US was incredibly stronger than others in NATO because everyone else was in recovery NATO was US and the boys1950War broke out in Korea often called Americas Forgotten War Truce signed in 1953 ended it there was never a peace treaty and killed about 50000 Americans Boarders from 1945 were there but wouldnt get worseThe US had taken a stand they wouldnt fight for more but wouldnt give more eitherCONTAINMENT the USSR was to be contained not rolled backSuperpowers US and USSR previously the Great Powers Vastly more powerful than anybody before1953Stalin died in March and there was a struggle of power Replaced by Nikita Khrushchev 1956N Khrushchev emerged as the 1 in Russiawas a little more lenient but certain that one day USSR would rule the worldTook off his shoe and yelled at the UN we shall bury you while pounding on a podium 1960Eisenhower stepped down and JKF stepped up K and K boys stars of nuclear showdown JFK born in 1917 Represented the kind of American dream only in a few countries Father and mother belonged to SELFMADE affluent wealthy Irish Catholics At a time when being Irish was bad JFKs mothers father had become mayor of Boston Father Joseph Kennedy had become wealthy through investments Rumored Joe Kennedy made money running bootleg whiskey during prohibition Though that did not buy social acceptance Bought his way into acceptance by backing FDR in the presidential election FDR won and granted Joe ambassador of the US to Great Britain JFKstudied at London School of Economics Had Addisons disease Probably would have died before completing a second term Due to his sickness he returned home and enrolled in Princeton then Harvard Graduated in 1940 When WWII broke out he enrolled in the army but was turned down Bad back etc 1943 Navy took him running a Torpedo boat PT 109 Japanese destroyer split the boat in half yet he managed to almost save everyone against all odds Proved heroism in this Made all illness come back Joe Jr was killed then that meant John had to become president 19471953 was a Democratic Congressman A social liberal and a fiscal conservative In 1952 ran for Senate McCarthyism running crazy at this time JFK refused to answer the question of what he though of Joe McCarthy Published Profiles in Courage in 1956 The countries had recovered and had their own agendas It would have to be of equal power not US and the boys30 August 2007Odds against him 1Catholic When criticized on his faith he insisted he is American first Won nomination in July 1960 addressed Democratic Convention st19601 presidential election of the New World N Khrushchev John Birch Society convinced that there was a communist under every bedaccused Eisenhower of being a communist weird Nixon was thought to have the advantage bc of experience as VP
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