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NS2 2023 Finals

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Louisiana State University
HIST 2023

Final ExamThe Term IsraelIsrael first used in reference to a man in scripture accepted by Judaism Christianity and IslamoAbraham was the patriarch of PalestineMoved from Ur in upper Iraq areaIshmael born from wifes servant forced to flee later onTradition says he is the first of the ArabsSarah bore him IsaacIsaac had two sons Jacob and EsauoJacob Israel claims the inheritance of the landoFighting for claims that are 3000 years oldName given to a kingdom led by descendents ofIsrael established in Palestine about 3000 years agoo12 tribes quarreled2 left and formed JudahoBoth kingdoms were HebrewsoIn 722 Israel was conquered by the Babylonians and the term Israel disappeared from usePeople scatteredThe Diasporathe scattering Small colonies of Jews could be found around the Middle EastoJudah was conquered about 150 years later used the tern JewsoThe colonies hung together based onReligion and rules dress food etcThey believed that someday they would get the homeland backth Islam emerges in 7 Century ADSpurging conquest from India to Morocco Stopped in Tours France by Martell of FranceoSaved Europe and saved Christianity Jews in Middle East were allowed to worship Jews in Europe were treated badly by ChristiansJews were responsible for the death of Christorigin of AntiSemitismJews were treated worse in Christian lands than they were in Muslim landsEngland France Spain and Portugal all expelled their Jews after the CrusadesoEuropean Jews were forced to flee east and found refuge in Poland 1700spirit of Toleration began to reappearItaly and Western regions of Germany France and England got better The hallmark came during the French Revolution when Jews were granted equal and complete citizenship1 Poland engaged in Pogramstate sponsored persecution of JewsJews began to flee West nowEuropean Jews tried to Assimilate in order to fit inoThey watered down their requirementsThose fleeing Pograms were very orthodox and did not assimilateoThey stuck out and were scapegoats for problemsoRevival of AntiSemitism in West EuropeDreyfus Affairmost famous trial and spy issueoSeptember 1894Capt A Dreyfus of France was accused of treason for giving things to GermansoSentenced to life on Devils Islandoff South AmericaHell holespiders hunt birdsoEventually he was cleared charged and cleared out of prejudiceoBecause it happened in France where they had first been given complete citizenship this terrified Jews everywhere oProof AntiSemitism could break out anywhere and convinced Jews they needed their own country1897SwitzerlandoFormed the ZionistoGoal to buy enough land in Palestine and slowly take it over and turn it into a Jewish homelandWorld War 1 started in 1914oOttoman EmpireTurkey Islamic Country sided with Germanyo1917Britain gained control of Palestine and in 1917 their foreign Secretary of State A Balfour issued the Balfour Declaration of 1917British government looked with favor on the establishment of a Jewish nation if this can be done without prejudicing the rights on NonJews already living thereo1922 Palestine is given to Britain as a mandate to governThe Jews acquired their land legally by buying it1939 began hard feelings between Jews and Islamic peopleoBritain needed to decelerate the number of Jews going into Palestineo192284000 Jews1939424000 Jews1939 Hitler began his Final solution to the Jewish Problemo13 million Jews in the entire worldhe exterminated 6 million in EuropeoBy 1945 not many Jews in Europeand they wanted out oLargest population of Jews in the world was in the US 600000rdSecond in Israel and 3 in FranceAfter 1945 the holocaust made Jews want the safety of their own homelandoBritain still technically in charge of Palestine19451948Influx in fighting between Jews and Britain Jews and Muslims and Britain and Muslimso1947Britain appealed to UN to solve the problemoAugust 1947 the US proposed to divide Palestine into 3 partsJewish Muslim and City of Jerusalem2oFor 10 years the 2 parts were tied together in a single trade agreement Contact Fallacy3
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