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HIst 2055 Test 2

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1 Beyond its political intent what emotionally resonant messages are contained in the Declaration of Independence That is in moral terms how did the Declaration establish a sense of American national identity Public defense of Americas decisionIntroductionSeparation from BritainSecond paragraphAll men are created EqualGrievances against the kingJeffersons experiencemen are disposed to sufferAmericapeople of feeling and moral communityThe Declaration of Independence was a public defense of Americas decision to declare independence from Britain it had affectively asserted that the colonies had become independent states no longer under the authority of Parliament or the kingThe declaration was to be printed and sent to the individual states The introduction of the document explained the reasons for separating from Britain The second paragraph provided a powerful defense of the ideas of liberty and equality and affirmed that all men are created Equal It asserted that all men were entitled to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness The Declaration of Independence consisted mostly of grievances against King George III and this list of charges was immediately recognizable Jefferson used strong language and addressed the king directly The declaration was a document that had feeling It was emotional and reading it as an American it fills me with pride for my rebellious nation He portrayed the king as an enemy and a tyrant and portrayed America as something worth fighting for and saving The document was aimed at domestic and a foreign audience It was also aimed at foreign nations because America would need help from other European countries It announced to the British government the reasons for taking up arms against
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