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Alien and Sedition Acts4 bills passed in 1798 following the French RevolutionNaturalization Alien Alien Enemies and Sedition ActsSigned by John AdamsOpposition to them by the DemocraticRepublicans led to the Virginia and Kentucky Resolves which nullified themAmerican SystemKnown as Henry Clays American System his leading tenetNational bank Protective tariff Internal improvements Emphasis on intensive growthIt is the reason for the funding of the Erie CanalAnnapolis ConventionHamilton writes the call approved by delegates including Washington He says meet in PhillyThey want to perfect the unionDelegates assemble in Philly agree there has to be a presiding officer of the convention George WashingtonTwo competing plansNew Jersey PlanVirginia PlanRoger Sherman of Connecticut The Great Compromise2 chamber govtUpper house lower houseLower house population representativesUpper house senateResiding officer presidentArticles of ConfederationNo president or supreme court in Articles of ConfederationUnicameral legislature No bicameral because they didnt want something like ParliamentNo implied powersTakes until 1781 to ratify the Articles it takes so long because of western land claims land they cant haveGovernment is given complete control over foreign affairsDisputes among states was settled by CongressMason and Dixen solve a dispute over the PennsylvaniaMaryland border battles almost started over this becomes Masondixen LineCongressional control over mailCongress was in charge of coinWeaknessesCongress could not generate revenue or troops except by requisition by the statesCongress could not make laws that are binding on individual citizens and could not enforce its will on statesindividualsTo approve all important matters it took 913 statesCongress couldnt get more power unless the states voted soTakes 1313 to amend Articles idea came from John Dickinson for the Declaration of IndependenceBargain and CorruptionIn the Election of 1824 It was widely believed that Henry Clay the Speaker of the House at the time convinced Congress to elect Adams who then made Clay his Secretary of State Caused Jackson to lose presidencyNicholas Biddle3rd president of the Second National Bank in 1823Depression ended the same year that he got in charge of this bankThe bank was called Biddles BankAaron BurrIn the election of 1800 ties with Jefferson in the election but Hamilton basically gives Jefferson the presidencyWas the Vice PresidentChallenges Hamilton to a duel shoots him in the spleen which kills himRuns away as a fugitive but is eventually dismissed of his chargesJohn C Calhounwants to be president never accomplish thisfight in a war in House of Representativesfeels that having one more slave state than free state was goodWas Vice President under Adams and JacksonChesapeakeLeopard Affair1807 Leopard does not stack up with the awesome of the Chesapeake shipLeopard says they will board the Chesapeake Chesapeake begins to fleeLeopard crew was much more experiencedRaised tensions between BritainUS not necessarily a direct cause of War of 1812 but an event leading up to itEmbargo Act made very shortly afterLangdon Cheves2nd president of Second National BankResponsibility was to keep the bank maintained and under controlWithholding the stock of the 2nd bank as well fiduciary responsibilityHis most memorable act as Speaker was the defeat of the recharter of the Bank of the United StatesHenry ClayThought of theAmerican SystemVery much wanted to be the president highest he got up to was Secretary of StateInvolved in 1824s Corrupt Bargain when he threw support to Adams for Secretary of State positionHuge War HawkDoctrine of Implied PowersNecessary and proper clauseErie CanalKnown as the top engineering feat since the pyramidsBy 1825 its up and running and by the first day it had made a profitBuffalo to Albany to NYC out of Buffalo to rest of US Chicagoincreasing trade throughout the nation by opening eastern and overseas markets to Midwestern farm products and by enabling migration to the WestFederalists
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