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Question 1 How does Charles Eastman characterize the Unseen and Eternal of Indian spiritual life so as to reconcile the Indians morality with the expectations and concerns of white Christian AmericaIIntro IIHow Eastman characterizes the Unseen and Eternal of the Indian spiritual lifeaThrough the reference to the sacredness of the Great Mystery iTo the Indian it was the supreme conception bringing with it the fullest measure of joy and satisfaction possible in this life Eastman 3 iiThe worship of the Great Mystery was silent solitary and free from all selfseekingbHambedayiMeaning mysterious feeling consciousness of the divine iiThe solitary communion with the Unseen which was the highest expression of our religious life is partly described in the word Hambeday Eastman 6 IIIHow the Indians morality was reconciled with the expectations of the while Americans aThe Americans were more fiction than factiThe Indians found much inconsistency of conduct in those who professed religioniiThey spoke of spiritual things while seeking only the material iiiThey bought and sold everythingbThe Americans looked down upon the morality of the IndianscSought to conform the Indians and make them more civilized dThe Indians participated in their own destinythey voluntarily attached themselves to the settlers ideas society and demand and they adaptedthey were not solely innocence IVConclusion Question 2 Compare and Contrast the colonial experiences of the English with the French Dutch and Spanish in the Western HemisphereIIntroaEven though the Dutch French and Spanish settled in America after the colonization of the British there are many similarities and differences between the colonial experience of Britain and three other major countries
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