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HIST 2057
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Vietnam Part II (this is the last set of notes that
applies to our paper) 15:22
History 2057 9/27/14
I. Abraham Lincoln and Reconstruction
-South defeated in civil war is reintegrated into U.S.
-Goals of Reconstruction : (REUNION) Designed to reunite the country, get the
southern states back, politically organize them (congress)
oDo states have the right to succeed from the union? How do you deal with
these states?
-What do you do know with the former slaves? What kind of rights will they have?
What will be their social positon? Under slaver seen as property, counted in the
pop. as not a full human. What to do now that slavery is abolished.
o3 different policies of Reconstruction (created by presidents) also known
as radical reconstruction or republican reconstruction.
oPeople in the Confederacy had to take an oath of allegiance to realign
themselves with the U.S. Took 1/10th to reorganize the government
oHad to abolish slavery and give up their right to succeed, in the state
constitution and in laws. Once this was done they could be readmitted
back into the union. This does not say what will happen to these former
slaves, without slavery.
oThere was a black majority in the states.
-Louisiana was the first state to be readmitted under Lincolns rules of
oApril 1865 Lincoln is assassinated, then Andrew Johnson became
o Johnson was more lenient on the Southern states, he was a democrat from
the south. Did not approve of succession. Appoints provisional governors,
to lead the reorganization of those states. This would be done by those
eligible to vote at the start of the civil war.
oBy 1865 all the states we readmitted except for Texas which followed
behind in 1866.
oReconstruction should have ended but these newly readmitted states were
troubling to Republicans. The Southern states wrote laws which are
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