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HIST 2057 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gettysburg Address, Crimean War

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HIST 2057
Study Guide

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1. Who gave the Gettysburg Address?
ans- Abraham Lincoln
2. Which King of England was executed because of the English Civil War?
ans- Charles I
3. Who was the spouse of Louis XVI of France?
ans- Marie Antoinette
4. Which Argentine was the main lady anyplace on the planet to hold the title of President?
ans- Isabel Per฀ n
5. Florence Nightingale got popular for her work as a medical caretaker during which struggle?
ans- The Crimean War
6. Augusto Pinochet took power in which nation after a 1973 overthrow?
ans- Chile
7. Which Queen brought forth her child Caesarion in 47 BC?
ans- Cleopatra
8. In which nation was the Battle of Ypres battled in World War One?
ans- Belgium
9. Which regular British bar name reviews the concealing spot of King Charles I after the clash of Worcester?
ans- The Royal Oak
10. Who was the principal leader of the Mongol Empire in the late twelfth century?
ans- Genghis Khan
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