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Paper 2 Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
HIST 2057

91611The American Empire Part I 18651917I The American ContinentthThrough the 19 century the country was expanding Westward until 1890 when the frontier was gone So where did they go nowSome people wanted control over the North American continentA lot of world powers still owned territories on the NA continentWilliam Seward Sewards FollyUnder him the US bought Alaska from Russia in 1867He was Secretary of StateNot only did the US gain a lot of land but it got Russia outIt cost 72 million dollarsThe press thought this was a ridiculous purchase and labeled it as Sewards FollyHe thought no matter what it was a good buy because it got Russia outMost believed that the US should be the dominant country in North America So the Us tried to help Mexico and Canada to get rid of the foreign powers thereSome people wanted to go past NAThey didnt really want to take over other countries but extend our economyII Asia and PacificA ChinaThe US was actually the late one to tap the Chinese marketOther countries had special spheres of influence in China where they had power over the economyThe US didnt want anything to happen that would break up ChinaChina and the US had special trade agreements where the US had to pay the lowest taxes of other countriesOpen Door PolicyAsked countries to agree on 3 principlesNo country should interfere with other countries tradeMake sure Chinese officials were the ones taking care of the taxes and tariffsNo country could make other countries pay more to use their facilities in China ex The great Britains railroadsBoxer RebellionThey were a Chinese nationalist groupWhenever the open door policy went into affect the boxers rebelSoon all the countries involved sent troops to put down the rebellion including the USThe rebellion was put down but all the countries realized they needed to do somethingB JapanBasically was on par with European powers and they wanted a piece of China alsoRootTakahira Agreement 1908Wanted to maintain the status quo in AsiaNeither Country would try and take anything overC Pacific IslandsBecause of the distance to Asia the US needed a stop in the middle to set up bases and refueling stations
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