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Mending a Divided Nation Reconstruction 18651877Two separate goals oTo reunify the nation oWhat to do with the freed slaves Initial policy of reconstruction was issued before the war ended Abraham Lincoln and ReconstructionoFocused more on reunifying the nation main goalTrying to readmit the southern states as quickly as possibleFormer confederates had to take an oath of allegiance thAfter 110 of population took this allegiance they were able to form a state government consisted of mostly white men Had to abolish slavery and repudiate the idea of recession states do not have the right to succeed from the unionafter this then could they become a state 1865 four states April 1865 Lincoln assassinated and Andrew Johnson VP becomes president and develops a new policy Andrew Johnson and ReconstructionoA unionist and a southerner democrat he opposed the idea of recession he was born to a poor family occupation was a tailoroHis policy was more lenient than Lincolns oHe appointed provisional governors for each state that had not been readmitted who reorganized ththe state government INSTEAD of having 110 of the population take an oath of allegiance Reorganization done by those people who were eligible to vote same people who were in power before the war white propertyowning menoThrough his policy the rest of the southern states were readmitted by early 1866o Thirteenth AmendmentAbolished slaveryBlack codesProhibited certain activities of African Americans discriminatoryNorthern Republicans were concerned about the people who were running the states so they implemented new programs Freedmans Bureauan agency designed to assist the freed slaves from slavery to freedom mainly educate the freed slaves It was always underfunded and a bill was passed to beef up the program and Johnson vetoed it oFourteenth AmendmentJohnson was opposed to this amendment Radical Republican Reconstruction oCongress has own requirements because they refused those of the oReconstruction Acts of 1867Turned the former confederacy into occupied territories divided the south into 5 military districts and appointed a military govt for each oFourteenth Amendmentthe right to citizenship for African Americans cannot deny citizenship to someone on the basis of race however does not stipulate the right to vote if a state did not allow people to vote then those people could not be counted in the total populationFor a republican it was more about maintaining control in Congress than the rights of freed slaves oTenure in Office ActAny govt official that was appointed by the President had to receive congressional approval before taking position if any appointee had to go through that process that also had to go through that process to be let goDesigned to keep Johnson from appointing all Democrats in CongressIn response to this Johnson fires the secretary of war in doing this he violated the Tenure in Office Act and they wanted to impeach him Needs 23 of the vote to impeach him and it fell short of 1 vote so he was able to serve out his termoElection of 1868
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