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March 6 Notes

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WWI 14 PointsThe Homefront 19161920IEnding the War in EuropeWWI IntroNew military technologies submarines mustardpoison gas machine guns tanks and airplanes were introduced in WWI Generals still used traditional warfare methods Battle of the Song River1 million soldiers died American soldiers involved after this battle 100000 US soldiers died US strengthened allied forces American involvement in WWI provided the first great test of Wilsons belief that American power could make the world safe for democracy Most progressives embraced the countrys participation in the war believing that the US could help spread Progressive values throughout the world But rather than bringing Progressivism to other peoples the war destroyed it at home The government quickly came to view critics of American involvement not simply as citizens with a different set of opinions but as the enemies of the very ideas of democracy and freedom As a result the war produced one of the most sweeping repressions of the right to dissent in all of American history Peace Without Victory1917 President Wilson called for Peace Without Victory in Europe Other Allied forces were not in favor of this Wilson was an idealist Europeans wanted concrete victory and losses Britain and France believed that for the most severe war there needed to be severe consequences at the end of the war Fourteen Points Partly to assure the country that the war was being fought for a moral cause Wilson in Jan 1918 issued the Fourteen Points the clearest statement of American war aims and of his vision of a new international order Established the agenda for the peace conference that followed the war Jan 1918 US had been in the war for 6 months Doc 7C Woodrow Wilson 1918 Saying that everything will be in public from now on and that what is in the past is in the past Idea of selfdetermination for nations great and small Outlined Wilsons idea of a new world order Among the key principles were selfdetermination for all nations freedom of the seas free trade open diplomacy an end to all secret treaties the readadjustment of colonial claims with colonized people given equal weight in deciding their futures and the creation of a general association of nations to preserve the peace
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