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Hist 2057 Final Review

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HIST 2057
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HIST 2057 BondFinal Review Session Notes Final reviewgilded age Friday May 2 20141208 PM City growth oLed to massive changes oNew technologies Street car lets upper and middle class move outward form city Immigrants and poor cant afford so they stay in inner cities Industrial revolution oRise of giant companies oRobber barons Use their power to influence the government oNo government oversight over companies Let robber barons become powerful oVertical integration A company buys up every stage of production in an industry oHorizontal integration Monopoly Gospel of wealth oPoverty seen as a character flaw3 points happening in north east in late 1800s South still very rural oVery little immigration oA lot of people still share croppers oBirmingham and Atlanta have some industrialization South politics oBlacks have very little rights oFreed slaves living in conditions not much different than slavery West oIndian wars oWhite settlers take over oIndians eventually unable to resist and put them on reservations oWhites try to Christianize them and ban Indian customs oWest is growing Driven by 3 main industries Mining Changes from individuals to working for companies due to new machinery Cattle ranchingAgriculture Biggest
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