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HIST 2057 The Us 1865 To Pres History Exam 1

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Louisiana State University
HIST 2057

Congressional Reconstruction 18671870Congressional or radical reconstruction begins in march 1867 Congress angry about southern resistancePassed Military Reconstruction ActsoDivided South except TN into 5 military districtsoHeld voter registration drivesthoDrafted new constitutions approved 14 amendmentAlso passed Tenure of Office ActoSenate had to approve removal of certain officeholdersoAndrew Johnson would have to get approval by the senate to fire someoneoJohnson angry unconstitutional oChallenged it by firing Sec of War Edward StantonoCongress used to impeach Johnson for high crimes and misdemeanorsCharged by the house tried by Senate RemovedoNarrowly acquitted in the SenateoOutcome weakened Radical Republicans in 1868 electionsPaved way for Ulysses Grant to get nominationHe won narrowly Republicans still in control of CongressthRepublicans used victories to pass 15 AmendmentFebruary 1869Granted right to vote to menRace or former condition of servitude could not be used to bar votingoAngered women suffragists Susan B Anthonyothers had worked with abolitionists for votethSplit the movement over the 15 AmendmentThe South during ReconstructionReaction in South differedoBlacks wanted political economic independenceoWhites wanted to maintain slaverylike conditionsoReactions not always uniform or neatly dividedoLegacy of slavery at foundation of reactionsKeep in mindSystem of slavery had 2 components1 Economic slavery was a labor system2 Cultural Social slavery justified by white supremacyCongress responded with radical measures in 1867oFederal government to enforce more equitable treatmentoLate 1860s Republicans get control of state governmentsAboutof seatsoNew constitutions draftedExpanded democracyExpanded states welfare roleDid NOT redistribute landDid NOT bar exconfederates wholesale from voting oOther reforms took placeoCongress reauthorized Freedmens Bureau in July 1866First established in March 1865Meant to help former slaves transitionProvide education rent or grant landLand grant programs limited shortlivedMore success with education literacyCollapsed in 1872Underfunded viewed southern economic recovery as keyRepublican state governments enacted reforms tooTried to appeal to whites and blacksFocused on economic issues government servicesoReformed foreclosure lawsoBuild hospitals schools and orphanagesoPassed laws against child abuseExpansion was expensiveRepublicans had hard timeSome major changes to South under Republicans New infrastructure expanded servicesBlacks voting and serving in office o1867 90 of eligible voters turned outo600 African A served in state legislatures by 1873Black churches helped educate former slavesBlacks reunited with families Whites still dominate politicso45 Republican officeholders still white oBlacks only 6 of Congressional RepresentationoSouth Carolina only state to have black majority on legislatureOne chamber limited timeEconomy remained agrarian
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