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Beginning-Midterm Notes (got 93% on the test)

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HIST 2061
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Into The WarWestern Expansion1820 Missouri CompromiseMexican American WarFree Labor1846 Wilmot Proviso vs John C Calhouns Positive Good1848 Free Soil PartyCompromise of 1850California admitted as a free state eliminate the slave trade not slaveryin WashingtonOrganize New MexicoUtah territories with no mention of slaveryZachary Taylor Millard Filmore Stephan DouglassStronger fugitive slave lawFugitive Slave law 1850Constitution Article IV section 21703 Fugitive Slave LawUnder the law 332 captives were returned v 11 were releasedNorthern outrageKansasNebraska Act1854 Sephan Doulasspopular soverieigntyaWhig and rebublican PartiesAmerican nothing party antiCatholic antiimmigrantbBleeding Kansas 8500 settlers250 slavesMissouri voter 2 territorial governments200 dead attacks and Lawrence john Brown and Pottowattamiec1856 elections James Buchanan v John C FremontiDred Scott DecisionA 18461856 Scott v StanfordB chief Justice Roger Taney2 issues in the casec property rights and territorial compromises Missouri and KansasNebraskaiamendment vD Freedom and death 1858E new Law and American Racial Climatei voting and immigration lawsv Lincoln Douglas Debatesa Illinois Senate Seatsb antiexpansionequal rights and race baitingc free labor Lincolns DefeatiiJohn Brown and Harpers Ferry 1858A Canada West and Martin DelanyB Appalachian Assault and secret sixC October 16 1859federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry VAD casualties 2 townspeople and 8 of Browns meno1 Hostageso2 Robert E Lee and MarineE failure execution and marinesiii1860 ElectionA Stephen Douglass D John C BreckenridgeD John Bell CU Lincoln R
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