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The Civil WarILincolns Aims Preservation of the unionaSlave v Free Laborthe National EconomyRather slave labor will be able to spread or free labor will take over bDE MD KY MOslave states Lincoln is worried about driving these states into the Confederacy c75000 called to enlist for 90 daysiAfrican Americans rejected from service Lincoln refuses to enlist any black people in the union into the army iiSlave EscapesUnion Policy Anyone near union lines or states just runs The union has no official policy on liberating slaves and did not have slaves on their agenda1Proslavery union generalsaGeorge B McClellan VA Henry Halleck Ohio Valley Winfield Scott Potomac River Ulysses S Grant TNiProtects slaveholders rights by maintaining slaveryiiIn May 1861 McClellan Pledges to crush any slave resurrection rising in VirginiaiiiWhen slaves escape to the Ohio valley Halleck ivScott request to his commanders to allow slaveholders to come across the Potomac River lines to recover slavesvGrant returns slaves to owners only if they do not say they are ConfederateviUnions purpose in this war is not to end slavery dContrabandiGeneral Benjamin Butler Butler turns away a Confederate cornel that travels to VA to recover 3 of his slaves and is refused because he voided the Fugitive Slave Act General Butler does not free the slave but considers them contraband or confiscated enemy property and puts them to work in the union1Fortress Monroe VA 1000 escaped slaves2August 6 1861First Confiscation ActaStates that any property that belongs to Confederates used in the war effort can be seized by federal forces Any slaves used specifically to benefit the confederate war effort will be freed3Lincoln v John C Fremont MOaJohn C Fremont is general that attempts to free all confederate slaves in Missouri and Lincoln counteracts and says Fremont does not have the right 4Lincoln v Gen David Hunter 1862SC GA FLiOrders slavery abolished in South Carolina Georgia and Florida on May 1 1862 Lincoln blocks Hunters order bSlave Escapes
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