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Reconstruction 1865 Pt 2 (scored 92%)

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Reconstruction 18651877IBirth of Black politicsa18678Constitutional ConventionsbDemocratic Boycott Boycotting suffrage of African AmericansiCongressional Control and African American suffrage Boycotting congress for control of reconstruction and granting suffrage to blacks Very few democrats attend the convention iiJohnson Constitutions 1865 Purpose of conventions is to replace the constitutions created by Johnson in 1865cRepublican ControliCarpetbaggers Scalawags African Americans1Carpetbaggers White northern republicans who move to the south after the war2Scalawags Native white southerners who support the Republican Party in hope of economic relief after small farms were devastated3African Americans see Republican Party as supporting their interestsiiDemographics1000 delegates 10 conventions 265 African Americans1SC and LA majoritiesaAfrican American majorities21020 representation in most southern conventionsaAfrican Americans make up about 1020 of the representative in most southern states3Exslaves 107Union Veterans 40aMost are born exslavesdState ConstitutionsiUniversal manhood suffrageiiMSVA Confederate disenfranchisement1In most states in the form of confederacy most past confederates are allowed to participate in the government iiiCivil Rightspublic education Guarantees in civil rightsaProvide for the first public education for everyonerich poor black or white Paid for by state govts2Economic problemsde facto segregationaSome states raise taxes to get money they need A lot of states are poor at this timebA lot of farm based is depended on children Some children dont go to school because they need them to work on the farms cDe facto segregation Even though public education is provided to poor whites some whites were so racist they would pull their children out of school so they wont be mixed with blacksdA push to write in laws for higher education31862Morrill Land Grant Act AMsaProvides states with funds to create agriculture and mechanical collegesivDisability facilitiesRR supportst1The 1 facilities to assist people with disabilities
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