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Reconstruction 1865 (Got A+ on the test)

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Reconstruction 18651877LandISpecial Field Order 15 January 16 1865aGeneral William T Sherman GA Sherman is famous for his march in the south specifically through Georgia destroying plantations and freeing slaves Union GeneraliGeneral Sherman saw this as an opportunity to gain land for free peopleiiSpecial Field Order 15 Sets aside a 30 mile wide track of land and 245 mile long to provide land for African Americansb30 Mi wide 245 mi longc40 Acresa muleiThe head per family to work land d40000 people on 40000 acres in GASCiWithin six months of the Special Order 40000 people working on 400000 acresIIPort Royal Experimenta1861 US Treasury DepartmentiWhen planters in Buford and Port Royal fled to the interior after military invasions the US treasury auctions off their land Freedman who are able to buy this land will bFreedmenNorthern InvestorsiNorthern investors will hire free men to plant cotton in Port Royal IIISouthern Homestead Acta18663 million acres for Union loyalists1Congress lops over 3 million acres for black and white union loyalistsii4000 African American families 75 Florida iiiSwamps wetlands unfertile woods1Unsuitable for farming which requires a lot of labor2Farmers are not provided any resources that the farmers need ivSouthern timber companies1Timber companies come in buy much of the land from the Southern Homestead ActFreedmans Bureau of Refugees FreemenAbandoned Lands 1865ITemporary Agencypriorities aids free men in transition from slavery to freedom aObtain LandbEducation Help gain educationcNegotiate labor contracts wplanters Help free men negotiate labor contracts with plantersdSettle interracial legal or criminal disputes Help settle interracial legal disputeseFood medical care transportation to anyone left destitute by the warIIInsufficient Personnel and funds
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