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Segregation (got the best grade in class)

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Louisiana State University
HIST 2061

Segregationthe Rise of Jim CrowIPoliticsaDemocratic ResurgenceiBlack Political Participation Any African Americans willing to surrender to white supremacy may be involved in office1Some African Americans who are frustrated with the south move towards the Democratic PartybRaceRepublican PoliticsiRacial Solidarity and local elections1The few republicans that remain in the party rarely run for state elections iiAfrican American Congressional Districts Southern governments will redraw the districts to confine African Americans so they can vote on candidate 1Limited whites represented by African Americans and diluted black voting strength2Presidential Access and federal appointeesaVery few African American congressman but are still able to express concerns of African AmericansbAble to lobby for things such as head of the post officecAfrican Americans are still able to get some of their concerns heardcThe Populist Party arises from farmer contents small farmersiFarmer discontentiiLimited Black Participation v yeoman farmers v planters businessmanlawyersiiiConservative Agenda1Limited Government reduced state support industry and RR2Division and PaternalismaPoor white farmers feel that they should be in congress instead of African Americans bPoor white farmers are mad with everyoneAfrican Americans because they get to pursue office before them democrats because they feel excludeddOppositioni1870s Patrons of Husbandry the Grange Initially a social and fraternal organization to help farmers combine and start their political careers ii1880s Farmers Alliances This spread is across the rural south that encourages farmers to work with other small farmers1Populist Agendas RR regulation currency inflation agricultural educationaRR Lower railroad pricesbCurrency inflation Wants the currency value to decrease so their debts could be less and more money is available to spendcAgriculture Education How to better grow their crops or how to grow more2National Farmers Alliance 1888e Economic Shifts
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