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Slavery (aced the test and got 96%)

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SlaveryExpansionOppositionICotton the Slave Economy Between 181191aEast coast to TexasiSpreads into Mexican TerritorybTrail of Tearsi1830s Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Creek Seminoles sent to Oklahoma1iiOver 4000 of the 17000 Cherokees rounded up may have dies of disease malnutrition dehydration and exhaustioniiiOklahoma Slavery Start using Indians as slaves11860 7000 slaves 14 of the populationIIExpansion of Slaverya17901860698000 39 million US slave population growthiSlave population grows1Jumps in slave populations mostly field hands that serve in agriculture capacity iiMost slaves in the south are plantation slaves 341More slaves than free people bSouthern Slaveholders slave power conspiracyiConcentration 36471Slaves are becoming a more power block Smaller number of people owning slaves2Between 1830 and 1860 slave numbers are becoming smaller and smaller 3By 1860 384000 out of 8 million people in the south own slaves475 of slaves work in plantations5Sugar rice and hemp make up the percent of agriculture cSlave Labori55 southern slaves cultivate cotton50 of the US export marketBetween 1830 and 1850 slave population becomes more relied on because British textile increases 5 every year iiMSAL statehood via slavery1More slaves than free peopleiiiSlave Prices 12501800 183018601Demand of slaves drives up the purchase price Which means fewer people can purchase slaves Almost a 50 increase of slaves value 2Female slaves value is usually 500 less than males but there value also increases 3A lot of slaves that start off in the Low country end up in the south such as LouisianadDomestic Slave TradeiFamiliesescape punishment crop shifts1Slaves are sold to prevent escape Slave owners sell slaves further south to avoid them escaping 2Selling slaves towards the south is a punishment
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