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ALL NOTES for 2nd half of semester (got 93% on the test)

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HIST 2075
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The second half of the semester WWI to Present How did Wilhelm II get the middle class to buy into nationalization The Navyall could participate The NavyA a Building a fleet meant building more weapons b 2 years of military service was mandatory c As ships became bigger competition grew between European Navy powers B Side Effect on German Industrya If we make arms we can sell them b Arms race between France and Germany i Krupp was a huge arms manufacturer with a factory in Essen Germany c Krupp sent some equipment to Mexico and it exploded The French arms sent there worked fine The Mexicans bought the French arms as a result C Inevitable Conflict a Military people do not tend to be good diplomats b Bismarck recognized this c Uniforms become the most respected part of German society Bismarck resigns and with him so does diplomacyd The French are able to get out of their isolation e William allows the network Bismarck had constructed fall apart and the only ally remaining is Austria f England and France became allies while the Germans were building a fleet g Russia supported one country that they still support today Serbia i They shared a faith and had similar languages ii Mentality was the same in both Russia and Serbia D Germany Recognizes Loss of Allies aSerbian gov wants a territorycreate a terrorist org called the Black Hand They all had TB i They try to kill the Asutrian heir E Russia a Very agricultural b Russia has few railroads F Germany again a Plan is to go to France and disable France b Then they wanted to go to Russia and disable the Russians c The plan dictated that they would go through Belgium d Belgium declared neutrality Britain declared the neutrality of Belgium meaning that it would intervene if anyone marched into Belgium e Once set in motion it was too late to stop the mobilization Franz Ferdinandassassinated by the Black Hand Franz Joseph doesnt know how to respond Austria declares war on Serbia Russia mobilizes as an ally of Serbia Prussia mobilizes France mobilizes GB mobilizes August 1914WWI Hindenburg general that comes out of retirement The British blockade prevents Germany from importing ingredients for gunpowder German chemists invented a substitute Woodrow Wilson was President in 1914 a encourages people to remain neutral
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