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Summaries For The Tin Drum (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
HIST 2075

Summaries for The Tin DrumChapter 1 Oskar Matzerath is introduced as a patient in a mental institute He describes his keeper Bruno Munsterberg who makes art from string and knots He then describes his bed and visiting days at the hospital Oskar then asks Burno for some paper so he can write an autobiography The biography starts with his grandmother Anna Bronski Anna wears 4 skirts that make several appearances in the novel Anna hides a firebug Joeseph Koljaiczek under her skirts from the police as she cooks potatoes and she sends them on their wayChapter 2Anna and Joe marry and move where he works as a raft man but he is soon discovered and tries to flee the authorities drowning in the possess Oskar also describes his mothers conception Chapter 3Oskar has Klepp and Vittlar visit him and he describes his familys life after Joe drowns His grandmother remarries and his mother grows to loves Jan but they break it off Instead she marries Alfred Matzerath and they all become a big family Oskar also describes his birth and the promise his mother makes of a drum on his third birthday Chapter 4Oskar discusses the importance of and uses for photographs and his time spent with Klepp He uses the photos to start telling the story of his parents and Jan and their interactions with people of the town and himself Chapter 5Oskar describes his third birthday in which he gets a drum and throws himself down stairs to stunt his growth He takes up drumming and learns that he can break glass with his voice He also describes his fourth and fifth birthdays Chapter 6 He describes trying school and causing mischief there They try and take his drum but he wont let them so he is kicked out however he does get a school photo takenChapter 7With school not working out he is to be home schooled He switches between many tutors until he settles for Gretchen Scheffler who teaches him from Goether and RasputinChapter 8Oskar describes the other children in his apartment building and the vile things that they did to him He also tells of how he gets his drums from Sigismund Markus and his interactions with his motherChapter 9Oskar describes his experiences with the theater and his first meeting with Bebra at the circus He also talks of the introduction of Nazis into their lives Chapter 10He develops a habit of breaking up Nazi party rallies and using his glasscutting voice to tempt random strangers to steal including Jan Chapter 11
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