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Human Resource Education
HRE 2001
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HRE 2723 FINAL NOTES1Dr Holton Student Leadership Videoa5 practices and 10 commitments leadership modelThe 5 Principles of Exemplary Leadership Ten commitments of leadership oModel The Way know these 5 principles and the two examples that come under them all 1Clarify valuesClarify values by finding your voice and affirming shared idealsTo effectively model the behavior they expect of others student leaders must first be clear about their own guiding principles1Set the exampleSet the example by aligning actions and shared valuesDaily actions that demonstrate they are deeply committed to their beliefsDeeds are far more important than wordsModel the way is about earning the right and the respect to lead through direct involvement and actionStudents follow first the person then the planoInspire a Shared Vision1Envision the futureEnvision the future by imaging exciting and ennobling possibilitiesDesire to make something happen to change the way things are to create something that no one else has ever created before 1Enlist othersEnlist others in a common vision by appealing to shared aspirations oChallenge the Process1Search for opportunities to innovate grow and improveSearch for opportunities by seizing the initiative and by looking outward for innovative ways to improve1Experimenting and taking riskExperiment and take risks by constantly generating small wins and learning from experience oEnable Others to Act1Foster collaborationFoster collaboration by building trust and facilitating relationships1Strengthen othersStrengthen others by increasing selfdetermination and developing competenceBy this we mean help others develop the capacity to deliver on the promises they make oEncouraging the heart 9Recognizing contributionsRecognizing contributions by showing appreciation for individual excellence1Celebrating values and victoriesCelebrating the values and victories by creating a spirit of communitybDo the Student Leadership Challenge workbook 15242Jim Kouzes co writer w Barry Posner Interview videoaWith Barry KibrickbLeadership Challenge is not a business bookigetting extraordinary things donetest question was like what is the purpose of leadership or somethingguiding others to places they have never been before Jim KouzescLeadership is everyones businessdThe first place to look for leadership is in yourself a daily challenge for alleMax Dupree story about premature granddaughteriNurse told him to come to hospital every day to touch the granddaughter to connect ones voice to ones touchiiFirst you must find your voicefSoulsearching is important review successes in the pastgHow you respond to challenge is importanthadversity introduces you to yourselfiGreat leaders arent necessarily born but leaders are not rarej5 practicesiModel the way1Be clear about what you value2Align actions with those values align actions with wordsiiInspire a shared vision
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