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Human Resource Education
HRE 2001
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12122013HRE FINALTest Questions1 The best leaders are listeningnd2 2extent organization reaches outside boundaries most predictive 3 charisma high energy and expressiveness4 self development liberate your inner leader and set yourself free5 Successful collaboration requires trust6 Basis for sustainable change in society Martin Bent young small poor7 first place to look for leadership Yourself8 Credibility is the foundation of leadership9 Pick a leader who haswho will spend Time10 Vision trumps everything when it comes to everything11 If people are expected to succeed then they probably will12 Randy Pausch gave speech about achieving childhood dreams13 Karen Tse program about torture14 Secret to success Stay in lovespend their time on invest their time15 Pay attention to what leaders 16 Effective leaders have to be genuine Randy Pausch17 Most important emotion is to have gratitude18 Leadership is about making extraordinary things happen19 2 commitments of each practice20 100 million kids around the world arent in school21 Urgency is the combination of thoughts feelings and behaviors22 Leaders get things done through other people23 GREimagination respect inspiration24 Jet Blue built purposeful corporate culture through deep leadership involvement25 Difference between winning and losing is an inch26 More power you give away more power you are27 Signal sending make your commitment visibletangible28 Bill Georges leadership model that is sustainable and viable29 Built to last leaders focus on building their company16130 Visionary companies outperform the market 31 Antidote to hubris is humility32 Important about achieving extraordinary thingscant only rely on yourself33 Leadership is about need to seek innovation and change34 Muhammad Yunusmicrofinance35 Dorothy StonemanYouthBuild works with the power of love and opportunity36 To ensure theyre doing the right things Zappos pays employees to quit37 In order to change leaders must challenge the process38 Bill George word to describe leadership Serve
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