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What combination of skills is the highest demand? project management and business analyst. translate user"s needs for it developers. Project life cycle phase - planning audit manager special events manager producing films paralegals construction management new product development marketing campaigns. A unique, one-time activity undertaken to develop something new. A complex, non-routine, one-time effort to create a product or service limited by time, budget, and specifications. A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. A planned undertaking of related activities to reach an objective that has a beginning and an end. Project life cycle phase - executing: status reports. Project life cycle phase - delivering: changes, quality, forecasts, train customer, transfer documents, release resources, release staff, lessons learned. Two dimensions of the project management process technical and sociocultural. Aspects of sociocultural dimension of project management scope. Wbs schedules resource allocation baseline budgets status reports leadership problem solving teamwork negotiation politics customer expectations.

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