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What are some sources of historical information: oral history, books, primary and secondary sources- all have different interpretations. Played games to honor people who died, they were very sacred. During trojan war: odyssey: odysseus proves himself at time, one proved himself through sport-odysseus through discus they valued the significance of athletics ex. Greek ideal- unity of man of action and man of wisdom. Arete- all around physical, mental, moral excellence one strived for: they glorified greek gods zeus because of their excellence, today contributions include value athletes and sports teams. Javelin: long jump, stade race, wrestling, nike- goddess of victory and of olympic games. Gradual changes in olympics and end of olympics: change in emphasis(from religion to winning, development of potential future olympians, had special tutors, training, diet etc. if showed potential, trained by lifting rocks over head. Increase in professionalism: cheating, bribery, corruption, 400 ad- rome ends: pagan religious festivals, rome came into power-christian religion.

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